piątek, 24 marca 2023

Naalbinding socks are available in my shop

Here you can see some of my work in progress:

...and ready naalbinding socks, and naalbinding hats

Really nice naalbinding socks, and naalbinding hats

During winter I made a lot of naalbinding socks, naalbinding hats, all available here:
I used different stitches: Oslo stitch, Korgen stitch, Finnish stitch.
These items are perfect for reenactors, viking, slavic, roman reenactors.

poniedziałek, 4 kwietnia 2022

Naalbinding socks

naalbinding socks
There are some new naalbinding socks and haalbinding hats in my naalbinding shop.
I still like Korgen, Finnish, Faberg stitches the most, they let make socks without holes, but tight, like fabric.

poniedziałek, 21 lutego 2022

sobota, 29 stycznia 2022

Big naalbinding order to Finland and Germany

My Naalbinding etsy shop- link here.

January is quite busy month also,  I thought that it will not be so many orders:) What is Great ofcourse.
Yesterday I send two big package, one to Germany, one to Finnland.
Together it was: 3 hats, 3 pairs of gloves, 4 pairs of socks. And about 10 days to do it.
Lot of naalbinding:)

niedziela, 23 stycznia 2022

New naalbinding products, naalbinding hats, naalbinding socks.

My naalbinding hats, naalbinding socks, naalbinding gloves you can find here:
Faberg stitch, Korgen stitch, Oslo stitch, different Russian, Finnish stitches.
Lot of naalbinding products for reenactors